Let’s Go Dive GORONTALO, the underwater hidden paradise…

Why we say, the Underwater Hidden Paradise…

Gorontalo Underwater was really unexpected beautiful underwater, many corals you can founded in other Destination in Indonesia but “Salvadordaly Sponge” just endemic around Gorontalo.

It was like painting corals and very much beautiful corals….how amazing God create this sponge……and we don’t upload the coral here so you….. keep on asking and try to search…

How to get there to Gorontalo…?

You can Flight from Jakarta to Gorontalo just transits about 30 min, Manado to Gorontalo 40 minutes, Makassar to Gorontalo 70 Minutes.

The Site of Global Dive Gorontalo, in
Biluhu Timur, Batudaa Pantai, Gorontalo.
The Diving Site of Biluhu Timur Area of Batudaa Pantai
Global Dive Biluhu, Gorontalo