About Us

GlobalDIVE Centre established in Jakarta 17 October 2003 before known as Tirtasatwa Diving Course, as a PPALI Tirtasatwa member, when John E Sidjabat, SE, MBA become NAUI Instructor early of 2002 in Bali with his class mate Leo and become CV Global Dive Centre in STC Senayan move to GBK Senayan Complex, Jakarta, as the First NAUI Dive Center in Indonesia.

Year of 2009 become the First ProGOLD NAUI Scuba Center in Indonesia since John E Sidjabat, SE, MBA as a Founder/Owner/CEO become NAUI Course Director and still as ProGold until now.

GlobalDive Centre trained almost hundred of NAUI Instructor in Indonesia and Almost 5,000 of Scuba Divers.

In 2017 become PT Pusat Wisata Selam Global and the Dive Center office again move to Pejaten Barat area since GBK Senayan Complex has total renovate to serve Asian Games 2018 the Olympic Sport Activities.

Since August 01, 2019 Global Dive Centre now also become PSS Dealer Indonesia, PSS is Professional Scuba Schools, as the First Full Digital Training Agency on the World for 4 division of activities such as Recreational Diving, Free Diving, Technical Diving and Emergency Diving, now established in Indonesia.

Professional Scuba Schools operate based on ISO Standard, International Standard Organisation and Certified also by RSTC-Rereational Scuba Training Council.

Global Dive Centre was The First PSS Dive Center in Indonesia as the Head of Instructor Training Course-ITC Center Indonesia, becouse there is John E Sidjabat, SE.MBA, a PSS Instructor Trainer (Highest Level in PSS) and also Instructor Examiner will help to develop PSS in many diving destination around Indonesia and Asia Pacific.

PSS in Jakarta Launching on October 01, 2019 and now established in many Destination Area you can found PSS Instructor & PSS Dive Center such as :
1- Jakarta, (and Thousand Island)
2- Gorontalo,
3- Maratua,
4- Luwuk,
5- Manado,

6- Biak,

7- Aceh,

8- Pontianak,

9- Maumere,

10- Lampung,

11- Bandung,

12- Bogor,

13- Yogjakarta,

14- Bali,

15- Lombok,

16- Sorong,

17- Komodo, for LOB also

18- Surabaya,

19- Makassar,

20- Weh, Aceh,

21- Raja Ampat

22- Ambon

23- Ternate

24- Lembeh

25- Banjarmasin

26- Banten

27- Jayapura

28- Belitung

29- Tanjung Pinang & Bintan

29- Semarang

30 Malang

31- Bolsel

32- Talaud

33- Natuna


And Now Proceed become an PSS Instructor & PSS Dive Center in other Area of Destination such as :
1- Balikpapan,
2- Larantuka,
3- Anambas & Natuna,

4- Berau / Derawan,

5- Wakatobi

6- Halmahera

7- Komodo

8- Lombok

And other Destination to be continue to develop PSS Dive Center in Indonesia and more in Asia also Midle East Area.

And around Asia Pacific now we have in :
1- South Korea,

2- Singapore,

3- Malaysia,

4- Uni Emirate Arab

5- Palau

and soon in China, Philippine, Thaniland, Hong Kong and Palau.

GlobalDIVE serve as Dive Center, Dive Shop, Dive Traveling, Dive Resort/Lodge and Dive Equipment Services.
GlobalDIVE now established in Jakarta, Bali, Ambon, Gorontalo, Maratua, Natuna & De’Boekit Villas Hambalang Bogor as we knew this as :
GlobalDive Jakarta
GlobalDive Bali
GlobalDive Ambon
GlobalDive Gorontalo
Kuhita Dive Maratua

Natuna Dive Resort

De’Boekit Villas

maybe more branch ahead in a future, based on the dive master or Instructor are ready to operate new branch.