Some believe that experience is the best teacher. However, there is a big difference between gaining experience by your self or being guided by an instructor. In the first case, having to deal unfamiliar situations without the necessary preparation can lead you into dangerous situations. On the other hand, the guidance and teaching of a PSS Instructor will enable you to become an experienced, knowledgeable diver quickly, easily and safely.

Attend a PSS advances level course to increase your diving knowledge and skills.

Thanks to the quality of its training program, which have made PSS worldwide renowned all over the world, you will receive the best training possible.

Stop The Stress, Relax, Dive, !

Is the stress around you affecting your daily life? Do the rules of the world stop you from the feeling really free? Would you like to get closer to nature? There is just one way to do this: dive the final frontier!

Below the surface of the sea there exists a different world that will make you want to live there forever. A world made up of thousands of sounds, colours and countless millions of life forms. A world in which is you will feel truly free, weightless and relaxed.

Discover how to easy it is to venture into the underwater world and enjoy a liberating and exhilarating. All you have to do is decide when and how to get started: PSS is ready to guide you in this exciting adventure.